Error with Investment with Nil# still shown in TB after Create Entries

need assistance with shares that were added during the year with an incorrect security code. realised the error after create entries. So I reverse create entries and edited the transaction with new security code, then recreated entries.

Issue is that the TB still has the original investment with zero QTY & $$$ value in addition to the corrected security with correct # & $$$'s.

The investment register is showing the correct figures but not the TB & financials

I’ve tried deleting the old security code recreating Create Entries but nothing appears to be working. The systems has this old security “stuck” at its old create entry value with no QTY

can someone assist?

Hi Sandra,

I’ve had this issue previously as well.

You might like to try the following:

Reverse Entries
Tick the box net to “System Journal” in the transaction screen
Delete any revaluation journals that apply only to that incorrect code
Go to the chart of accounts and make the investment code and all linked charts inactive

Once you recreate entries again the revaluation should disappear.

Good luck - I hope that helps.