Enable non BGL generated reports to be uploaded for digital signing via Docu Sign

We have a number of external documents such as audit engagement letters, in house pension documents, etc. that we would like to be able to have digitally signed with DocuSign via the BGL integration, however, it’s currently not possible.

Do you have Docusign account?
If not, you will need one (not free).
If you do, have you enabled the integration (see documentation)?

Even with a Docusign account and integration enabled there isn’t the ability to also have non BGL created forms included in the signing process via the portal. That is the side of things we’d like to see added to the wishlist and provided in future.

Yes I also agree with this. I am looking at adobe sign integrated with BGL and I’m having the same issue. We can’t attach pdfs that are outside of SF360 for digital signing.

I have a low volume requirement and use SignRequest. It works really well and is free for up to 10 documents per month from any source. Maybe that’s a work around for your non-BGL documents if there are not too many of them.

Colin, Does SignRequest enable signature image placement at each sign off point in a set of financial statements?

Yes, SignRequest allows placement of multiple signature boxes anywhere in the document and any size. Signatories can use a saved image, draw their own at the time or select from styles provided. The free version does not include templates so means manually placing the signature boxes on each document to be signed.

I do like the transparent pricing of SignRequest… I wonder if BGL will bring other signing solutions on board now that there are 2 onboard.

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