Effective way to upload broker CSV files into SF360

Not sure if it is just me but i am having a lot of issues with processing funds that have a high volume of share trading by uploading the broker CSV file.

Dividends not matching automatically, share trades not automatically matching up with the bank transactions, even though the settlement date and reference number are exactly the same.

I recently processed some corporate actions that were share consolidations and SF360 automatically matched the share buy sell transaction but the CGT amount calculated was very incorrect - the share consolidation was not recognised by the software.

Does anyone know of a good way to upload broker CSV files into SF360 effectively, so that everything matches up automatically by the software - especially when you have hundreds of trades, you would not want to match each and every individual trade manually - very time consuming.

If I don’t record all the share movements, I encounter the not enough shares for sale issue.

So far I have tried to upload the CSV file in this order:

  1. Upload the broker CSV file first
  2. Process any corporate actions
  3. Process any DRPs
  4. Once all the share movements have been coded, then I would proceed to upload the bank CSV file.

This is the best solution I have tried so far - it seems that the most ideal way to input transactions is by chronological order.


OMG thank you very much I was having the same issues - I will try this when doing the next one -
Once again thank you

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