Duplicate Contacts

We are finding that after merging duplicate contacts, the person’s name and DOB details are being put into the ‘former / previous name’ lines in their name area. When preparing ASIC484s to appoint that person to a new company, or resign them from any companies, the ASIC Form 484 is including their ‘previous name’.
Lodgement of the ASIC484 is being rejected by ASIC as a result.
A new toggle has been included to “Include previous name on the form 484” - this is automatically switched on if a contact has been merged.

The duplication of the same information on a contact is now an issue for us - as we have noticed that this is a widespread issue on our contact database.

Is anyone else having this problem please?

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Hi @Elizabeth

Thank you for sending this through, we will look into this as it does not sound like the result we want.

Will keep you updated


Thanks Warren

Just an attachment to demonstrate what is happening. This is widespread issue for us.

Kind regards

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Hi @Elizabeth

We have just released a fix, this has changed the default toggle for the ‘include previous name on 484’. This is now ‘OFF’ by default.

We will look to change the previous name on consolidation in the next update.


Thanks for your help on this Warren.