Doray Mineral - Silver Lake Resources Merger

I have been looking for information regarding cost base changes as a result of Doray Mineral - Silver Lake Resources merger without success. Kindly share the information if you have. Thank you.

Doray Minerals was listed on computershare - the scheme of arrangement information should be available there if you log in (even if it’s only through the single holding area of investor centre). I can’t see that there has been a class ruling or similar issued. Hope that helps - I haven’t had to look into it any further as we don’t look after any SMSF’s that hold that investment.

We do hold Doray / Silver Lake. I will tell you how I handled it to see if it helps. We bought 8300 DRM at 0.60 = $4980 on 10/10/16. There was a scheme of arrangement with Silverlake and on 5/4/19 we received 5621 shares so I took the cost price as $4980/5621 = $0.885963 with the same date of acquisition of 10/10/16.
I hope this helps.

Thanks so much Stephen. Any update on the cash component? I suspect that the cash component as proposed did not come into effect.

Hi @aroosvanto,

This merger can be processed using the Corporate Action function within Simple Fund 360 (as shown below).

Here are links to the final announcement and scheme booklet -

Based on the final announcement above, there is no cash component so that is consistent with the information provided within the Corporate Action function.

Hope that helps.