DocuSign email links not working

I’ve just logged a support call, but sharing here in case others are experiencing the same problem.

I’ve just sent a lot of annual reviews using DocuSign and it wasn’t until a client contacted me that I found all of the links to DocuSign are not working! I’ve sent things from within DocuSign which are ok so it must be something to do with the CAS360 - DocuSign integration.

It might pay to check your emails if you are sending docs using DocuSIgn.

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All fixed now, apparently it was to do with an update this morning.

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Hi Anne,
I attempted to commence using Docusign - but found the whole experience to hard- even with their support- so i dumped them-
IF Cas members are using the system -why is is so hard for Docusign to assistnew members- when system is set up ???
Perhaps BGL/Docusign could make better use of this product if they assist new users rather than -say go to here.-
I admit i am a dinosaur when it comes to doing new things on the computer- but after a day i could not get docusign to work???
It has to be me- But there might be others who have had the same experiences.

Sorry to hear that @philip We are using DocuSign within CAS360, but are also using it to send out all our tax returns and associated documents. We love it and most clients do too! It has greatly improved our efficiency and reduced paper and mailing costs. I was not involved in the DocuSign implentation outside of CAS360 so I can’t really comment on how we found that process. Perhaps you should try again. Sometimes just talking to a different person within the organisation produces a better result. If you can get it working it will be worth the effort in the long run. :slight_smile:

Thanks Anne- the way you are using it was the very reason i wanted to- Tax - super etc.
My question was why it did not work- one off the problems was in the email.- and having to appoint who to sign. Staff could not assist me- which is starnge??

question- what are you paying in approx term- I was offered $1700 for a year- 300 documents?? does that sound about right.
A yes or no would do- without giving too much away.
I might try again later.

@philip I sent you a private message :slight_smile: