Document Titles/Description

In CAS Desktop the Documents under the Company were called (Description) what they were. For example:- Annual Company Statement, Change to Company Details - Addresses, Change to Company Details - Members, Share Transfer etc.
In CAS360 the Document Titles are just the Name of the Form like:- Form 484, Form 480 - So I couldn’t find past Annual Company Statements as I didn’t realise they were Titled as Form 480.
It was alot easier to find documents/forms in CAS Desktop because the description actually said what they were. Maybe CAS360 could do the same thing, title the documents like it was in desktop.


I think that is to save screen “real estate” for the way CAS360 is laid out in the browser.
It might be a thing that searching for the forms could still bring up the correct form using the old Desktop names, but it would require coding in those old names into the metadata attached to the current name/results and that is likely to be low on the update list priorities.
It’s a good idea though!