Document tags - feature request

When I look at the document listing (Reports>Documents), there doesn’t seem to be a way to find the documents that do not have tags, can we add something to search for those?

I also think it would be helpful to actually see the tag each document does have, in the document listing. To be honest seeing a button to comment and view history are not very useful and I would prefer to see the tag/s the document has.

What do other users think?

Upgrading the reports screen does not seem to be on BGL’s priority list at the moment.

I am thinking maybe next year they might look at upgrading that part of SF 360.

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Yes, I totally agree with you. I was not aware of logging features here so I sent a detailed ‘spec’ on how to improve the Documents functionality such as a logical display order - Date, Doc title rather than random or an ability to set a display order - at worst a sort order field so you can number them 100,200,300 and then put others inbetween but better still give is the ability to move them around and it remembers the new order.

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