Document Status options

Hey folks,

I know that the old document status options were imported to CAS360 from CAS Desktop, and the new Docusign options were added in, but not being able to at least add our own is irritating.

Specifically if there is a “Document Cancelled” option that for some reason is listed as a pre-lodged option - it would be nice to have a “cancelled” option that removes the option to lodge the document so that we can keep our documents area tidied - especially when there are literally hundreds of unlodged documents that have been imported in the migration.


Bumping this question in hopes of a reply.

Is there a way, or will there be a way, for us to alter or add a pre- or post-lodgement status option?

Hello Laneth

Currently it cannot be done from the interface, however it can be done on request.

Please let us know the document status that you would like to add or change and we can do that for you :grinning:

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Cheers Andy, greatly appreciated - will email you on Monday when I’m back in the office.