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I don’t know if I’m being a bit silly here… I was playing with the document review feature (I’m training a new staff member for a new office in all things ASIC and Cas and thought it may have been a good feature for her to use in the beginning, to run everything past the Partner before sending out to client) - but I tested the theory of Rejecting the document and I’m not really sure what to do once it’s rejected.

It just sits there and there was no option to edit or try to resend - am I missing something?

Sorry, I haven’t used this feature so can’t comment.

Hello Kim

This is what happens after a document is rejected by the reviewer:

  1. The document status will be changed to “Review Failed” (can be seen in the Global Documents)
  2. The rejection message entered by the reviewer will be saved as a Document note. (can be seen in the Global Documents)
  3. The preparer of the document will receive a notification telling them the document is rejected. Clicking on the notification will bring the user to the Global Documents with that document selected.

A rejected document cannot be sent for review again, a new document needs to be created.

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Hi Kim
If you go into the Register and delete the change and then delete from Global Documents (where awaiting to be lodged with ASIC) it will also remove it from the Documents Review screen


Hi Andy

Is this an improvement that will be added in future?

I just had a try at the document review process on an annual review, I rejected the document in order to make a change and the document and annual review is just lost.

Would be better to be able to amend and re-submit

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Hi @Brian,

If you go into the ‘Global Documents’ area and change the status of the Annual Review Form 480 to “Document Received” it will put the review back in the Annual Reviews area ready to be processed again. I imagine this will work even after the review was previously “rejected” like mentioned above.
Hope that helps a little?

This works well for any Form 480 / Review that has already been processed by CAS360, but we still don’t have the ability to ‘create’ a review from scratch, like we used to be able to do in CAS Desktop, just as an FYI.