Document Due Date

The Due date in the Documents screen is showing the day before the due date rather than the actual due date.
It’s warning that a penalty will be incurred on day 28 which is the due date.

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Hello Anne

ASIC has informed us the lodgement period for the Form 484 is 28 days inclusive of the earliest date of change.

We have also added a help article for that.

Hi Andy, thanks for the response. That’s very interesting because I’ve always understood it was 28 days after the date of change and have never received a penalty as a result of lodging on day 28. I lodged a document yesterday even though CAS360 warned me I’d get a penalty. I will let you know the outcome! :slight_smile:


@andytamBGL Hi Andy, it’s now over a week since I lodged a Form 484 on day 28 (31st July) and was warned by CAS360 that I’d incur a penalty. No penalty has been issued. I’ve since lodged two more forms on day 28 (2nd August) and have not seen penalties for those either.

Hi, just wondering if there are any plans to correct the due date on the Documents screen? As previously mentioned, CAS360 shows day 27 as the due date. I’ve lodged multiple documents on day 28 since posting my earlier comments and have not incurred penalties even though CAS360 tells me I will! Sometimes having one extra day makes a big difference so would be great if this was reflected in the software.

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Hey @Anne.Wright, last I heard I believe they’re completely rebuilding the Documents section of CAS360 from the ground up, as it made more sense than trying to just patch the current iteration. I could be wrong on that, but either way I believe it’s going to be much more efficient and user-friendly; here’s hoping it displays 28 days the way ASIC counts it.

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Thanks @Laneth :slight_smile:

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Hi @Anne.Wright & @Laneth

We did ask ASIC as to when they are able to issue late fees and we asked if the 28 days includes to date of change or does not. We were advised that it was included, and this is why we made the calculation include the date of change.

On their site, ASIC use the wording “You need to submit a Changes to company details (previously Form 484) transaction within 28 days of the change occurring. Otherwise, late fees apply:” Changes to your company | ASIC - Australian Securities and Investments Commission

I know from user experiences it looks as if ASIC do give an extra day, however this is not clearly written anywhere.

As a result we have taken the approach that we would rather advise you of a fee that you might get (and be wrong) than tell you, that the document is not late… and be wrong.

I will continue to push for ASIC to provider clearer information about the late fees issued.