Dividends process, where other transactions exist on same date

Morning folks,

Another situation has popped up that has led me to feel CAS360 needs to have time-based transaction filtering reintroduced, as it used to exist within CAS Desktop.

For example - you could specify (and alter ad hoc) the default time of a Director’s meeting in the document options for most transactions on desktop. Then, if you needed something to be done on the same day, but have it filtered in earlier in that date prior to a transaction already entered, you could set the time of meeting to earlier than the existing transaction and this the new documents you were preparing would be prepared correctly.

I’ve just been requested to prepare dividend documents as at 1/7/2018. The original three shareholders are the ones being paid, however on that same date a whole bunch of transfers have taken place, and subsequent transactions have occurred after that also.

There is now no way in CAS360 for me to easily prepare these dividend documents, because we don’t yet have the ability to specify the particular members involved, etc.

One hopes that this will be something that will be addressed soon - both the order of transactions and how they are filtered/ordered (not just by certificate number as that is a terribly fallible system) but also the ability to specify a per-member dividend.

If anyone has a work-around that won’t see me having to delete and re-do all the transactions, I’d be incredibly appreciative.