Dividends & Distributions receivable

I have a few clients with managed fund investments. Most of these funds pay distributions after year end that are taxable at the year end.

I have been journalising these in (and reversing in the year received) - is it possible to have the Corporate Actions operate to accrue them? - it can tell when dividends aren’t received, so should be able to identify distributions as well?

When dividends are not banked, the corporate actions screen assumes they are DRPs not yet processed; could we also have an option to alternatively identify it as an actual receivable (common scenario is that the registry hasn’t got bank details to pay the dividend to, or the amount has been banked to the wrong account)? Currently I have to delete the suggested DRP entry, which means I lose the dividend components.

Also if the Investments: Balance Review screen has already agreed the quantity to the registry, it could suggest a missing deposit rather than to process a DRP, or provide some notification to the user that processing the DRP will cause a quantity error.


Like many others the fund receives franking credits. What is the account that I can use to offset the entry? This should be easy to do! I would greatly appreciate advice.

If the franking credits relate to a listed investment (ASX or UUT) then SF360 should pick that up automatically and you do not need to enter anything.