Director IDs- Verifying identity


We have an older client with no mygovid and no intention of getting one. I’ve looked at the paper verification process and it requires 2 items from the secondary ID list being a Medicare Card and Drivers Licence. Unfortunately, this client has also recently surrendered their licence due to poor health!

Hopefully the list of secondary IDs is expanded to help combat this, but I was wondering if anyone else has hit this roadblock yet and if they’ve managed a workaround.

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Hi Bianca

What about applying for the Director ID by phone. Have you looked at that option as a way around.

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If they don’t have a drivers licence - Maybe they might accept a proof of age card (not sure if this is what it is called), as this has a photo and is a form of ID they use if you don’t have a drivers licence.

Not quite the same, but a family member was able to use their expired/given up drivers licence for ID for Service NSW - just needed the licence number. Lucky, because the other options were passport (never had one) and Birth Certificate (in her maiden name so not able to use).