Director ID Errors

Anyone else seeing lots of people getting errors with their Director ID application? I watched a client this morning, confirmed all details on the ATO portal so we knew everything was correct. But then they get an error saying the transaction can’t be completed online and they have to call but then the phone lines are so busy they are not being answered. We are still 2 months away from deadline, it’s only going to get worse!
Lots of clients in this situation who are coming to me for advice and I really can’t help them!
So frustrating! :frowning:
I’m wondering if it could possibly be something to do with Optus hack? Maybe affected clients have extra security on their records or something? Just wondering if anyone can shed any light on why we are seeing so many clients with this problem.
thanks :slight_smile:

So I have learned something today.

If a client has a compromised TFN they will be blocked from registering for their Director ID online. This accounts for some errors, but not all!

You can check if a TFN is compromised by generating a prefill report on the ATO portal. (You will get an error if the TFN is compromised).

Send an email to
Quote your Tax Agent Number and provide the client’s full name, date of birth and last 3 digits of TFN and ask for the security to be lifted.
The block will be lifted for 2 days and we’ve had clients successfully register after previously getting errors.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


ABRS also has a partial outage issue for Director ID applications. they are aware and trying to fix. I’ve been told the applications should pick up again from where the error appeared.

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Thanks Nucara, that is good to know.

Apparently ABRS have now resolved the error issue.

Some may find this helpful, you can check the status of the ABRS website. I was getting errors when trying to help a client earlier and we found that there was a “Partial Outage”.

Hi, I’ve just noticed an error on the Paper application for persons outside Australia - Section D: Identity Documents - it currently lists you must provide one primary and TWO secondary documents, although the website clearly states only one primary and ONE secondary identity document is required to support your application, after contacting the ABRS it appears the form is incorrect and an amendment has been requested, although the ABRS could not give me a timeframe for a updated application from to be available, Just another headache to deal with!!

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