Digital Signing - Why does it allow one person to sign on behalf of another? Can that be changed?

Hi. We really like using the digital signing function but have noted that it’s possible for one person to sign on behalf of another by clicking at their name. We realise that the code will be sent to the intended person’s mobile but we would prefer it if the intended person had to also log in with their own username and password to ‘sign’ in the first instance. It seems to undermine the process when one person can sign on behalf of multiple people. Is there a way to turn that off so that each person must be logged in with their own log in details in order to sign and no one that is logged in under a different username and password can sign on someone else’s behalf? Thanks


I agree with you KayBee as my Fund auditor continually requests that I go back and get the documents re-signed by clients when they have been signed by someone on behalf of someone else. I have also given this as Feedback so I do hope BGL listen and remove the ability for someone to sign on behalf of another. I cannot imagine any situation when this method of signing would be acceptable.


I also support this. Our auditors have also been asking for us to reupload the documents for signing where a member signed on another’s behalf. There needs to be an option to disable this feature.

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