Digital signing in Simple Fund

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Disclaimer here- I typically work on the CAS360 side of the fence but I’ve been asked to do some research into digital signing so I apologise if some of these questions seem a bit basic (I’m fairly unfamiliar with Simple Fund functionality overall so any steering in the right direction would be appreciated!)

We’re starting to send out documents via Docusign in Simple Fund after using it successfully in CAS360 for the last year.

I’m trying to find a couple of equivalents across the two programs and would appreciate any guidance:

In CAS360 I get a notification that digital signing has been completed (whether I have sent the document or a colleague)- is it possible to set up that the same notifications come through?

CAS360 downloads a completion certificate as part of the document pack on signing completion. I can log into docusign to access this completion certificate for Simple Fund- can this be automatically saved into Simple Fund on completion?

Where multiple signatories are required, is it possible to view who has/hasn’t signed the document without logging into docusign? Currently Simple Fund is integrated using my docusign login so if anyone wants to check the status of a document, I need to log in for them.

If anyone has been using digital signing successfully in their practice, I’d love to pick your brain on processes etc.



Hi Bianca,

Thanks for your post.

  1. Simple Fund 360 will send an email to the user who generates the documents when the documents are signed by the required parties. Though at this stage, Simple Fund 360 has not built in the notification within the software.
  2. It is true that the completion certificate is not attached to the document in Simple Fund 360 at the moment.
  3. We already have the plan of introducing a new Documents screen in Simple Fund 360, which allows the display of signing history in the Documents screen. Hope this will be released at some future point.

We appreciate your feedback. They have been passed on to the product team and added to the wish list.


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Cheers, I appreciate that.