Digital signing and Simplefund360

I am (once again) exploring digital signatures for annual financial statements.
My wish list is:

  1. easy to use from client /auditor perspective
  2. affordable from my perspective
  3. smart features that tell me that I can lodge because all trustees have signed and the auditor has signed
  4. smart features to remind client to sign and to remind auditor to sign

Is that all doable in SF360?

My last attempt with a trial version of docusign failed with a number of non-techno savvy clients unable to embrace.

Tell me what your experience has been please?
Does BGL SmartSign work or has that been shelved?
What would 120 “envelopes” per annum cost for the product you use?


Hi Geoffrey,

Check out one of new Digital Signing Partners FuseSign. It is a Digital Signing platform made for Accountants by Accountants.

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Thanks Jeevan
If FuseSign offered BGL integration with the $28pm starter pack I would sign up tomorrow…there is no way I will be able to fully utilise 960 signing credits per year found in the Business Lite pack. I have made 2 online enquiries with FuseSign… 8/7/21? 22/7/21 both have gone unanswered

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I agree - the starter pack is all I would need too but without third party integrations, I am not interested . I am a small sole practitioner. The business lite package signing credits significantly exceeds my needs. Its a shame as the product does look good, it is just not targeted to the very small firms.


Hi there! Jackson from the FuseSign team here.

I have been in touch with both Geoffrey and Alison here to address this and apologies to yourself Geoffrey for the delay in contact!

With our FuseSign plans, we understand there may not be perfect fit plan that gives everything you’re looking for, for our base $28 per month option. With digital signing, its also important to look at the overall efficiency and time gains it gives your practice, not only the credits you have to use. Keep in mind you can use FuseSign across your business, not only for signing from BGL. It’s a great way to give clients one seamless signing experience.

Our rule of thumb is that if you’re able to get back $98 worth of your own time per month by having FuseSign and BGL working in conjunction, its worth reconsidering!

For more info: FuseSign - Why Fusesign
Please feel free to reach out to our team anytime if you’d like to discuss this further.

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