Digital Signature Certificates

We’re having some problems getting the Bank Feed Authority Forms approved by BGL after we upload them in Simple Fund 360.

We use Xero Document Packs for our electronic signatures, which uses Adobe. The problem is when I upload the signed document to SF360 I receive a message from BGL rejecting the form:

“This form has been electronically signed and requires a digital signature certificate to be accepted by the bank. Please re-upload the signed form with the digital signature certificate for processing.”

Has anyone else come across this? Xero support hasn’t been able to provide much insight and I’m not really sure where to get this digital signature certificate.

Usually the digital signing account that you are using with have the digital certificates that prove, who and at what time the document was electronically signed. I know that we use docusign and you go to your doucusign account to find the digital certificate. I think if you log into your adobe signing account , you should be able to access the digital certificates.