Deregistration Notification

Does CAS360 notify when a company has been deregistered? At the moment I am going into ASIC to see if we can access the client.


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CAS will show the status of the company on the main Company page (under the column Company Status). It MIGHT show in “messages” or notifications but I’m not 100% sure that it does as I use ASIC’s online alert system to send me an email when changes happen for hardcopies.

This link will take you to the relevant ASIC page that explains everything, but I’m happy to help further if you want more details, just reply to ask :slight_smile:


If you are the ASIC agent for a company you really should know if a company is pending deregistration and aniticipate it being struck off without having to rely on logging into the ASIC portal to see if you still have access to it.
CAS360 will not notify you when a company is deregistered. But if a company is being deregistered, wouldn’t you as agent have lodged the form 6010? Or noticed that Annual Review fees are outstanding for more than 12 months?
You can check the status of a company via ASIC Connect. You can also work out and anticipate the exact date a company will be struck off by checking the public notice of deregistration date in the Published Notices website and adding 2 months. You can also set up a company alert and will be emailed when status changes. ASIC also sends letters in hard copy before striking off a company. The status of the company can be manually updated in CAS under company details.

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Thanks Julie - most helpful! have added an alert.

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