Demerger corporate action quantity error

For me the corporate action for the coles demerger is producing the wrong result.

  1. Even though a ledger and balance review check shows the correct unit balance for WES prior to the corporate action the corporate action screen says the current balance is 60% higher than it actually is.
  2. The review screen before processing gives the correct balances for the head and merged security after the demerger.
  3. After processing the WES balance has been reduced by 60% but the COL balance is correct.
    I tried processing a manual demerger and got the same errors. I cannot see where the higher WES balance comes from that shows in the corporate action screen.
    Did other users have a similar problem? How did you fix it?


Thanks for your post, this will need to be looked at and if required, fixed by a BGL Support Consultant. I’ve lodged a support ticket for you, ticket number: 219492.

A Support Consultant will be in touch soon to fix this for you.

Support has logged on and fixed my database and the corporate action now processes correctly. Apparently there was a problem with the capital base but I do not know why?