Deleting Documents

Hopefully this will be a simple answer, why, when I prepare documents and they go into the documents screen to lodge, when I delete them, the change still remains in CAS? How do a change the change? I have a complicated change of officers after the death of a director and I need to make adjustments after almost every change.

Hi Nerolee.

Deleting a document never reverses the changes. You will need to go to the Officers tab and reverse the changes there or make adjustments as appropriate before reprinting your forms.

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Thank you Anne. Do you know how I can add another signatory to a minutes document?

On the Officers tab there is an option next to each officer where you can select whether they are a meeting attendee and nominate the default signatory.

If you want all officers to sign (ie a resolution rather than a minute) you need to change the options for the Minute/Resolution when you prepare the forms.

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Thank you Anne. Got it!