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Hi, I was wondering if there was a way we can make all documents that are prepared be sent to another team member for review automatically without having to rely on the user clicking review each time.

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for taking the time to post your query, this is a great question!

At this stage, CAS360 will require the users to trigger the review flag manually for each document set being prepared and include the desired review recipient.

I can definitely understand the benefit of such a function for some of our clients with dedicated reviewers within the firm to create a consistent and automated process.

I will have your query passed through to our CAS360 Product Team as feedback to our wishlist for review and potential implementation in a future rollout.

We really appreciate any feedback we get from our clients and every feedback request we send through is read and considered by the team.

If you have any additional queries or if you would like more information on the above, please let me know in a reply, or alternatively, you can submit a ticket with BGL Support and either myself or a member of my team will be happy to help!

Have a great day.

Michael Ketter
Support Team Leader

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