Default Minute or Resolution- at a company level

Hi all,

As a practice, we are starting to use more and more resolutions rather than minutes, but for some companies with older establishment docs, circulated resolutions are not permitted. (We are planning on updating all company documents as a project, but when you have a thousand to go through…)

Is it at all possible to set, at a company level, whether the preferred default is a minute or a resolution? I know I could add a label, but it’s something I have to check for, and I don’t always access the client through the main company page (instead using the global search or the prepare multiple docs page).

Also, is there anywhere I can flag that for all companies with a sole director, a resolution is the default? Or can this be built into the software if it doesn’t exist? Obviously they aren’t holding a meeting by themselves.

Cheers, Bianca

Hi Bianca,

This would be a really good idea to have a global default toggle like this at a company level.

Curiously though, from my understanding, the CAS360 software has been developed to default to a Resolution in all instances where there is a Sole Officer or Shareholder.

If one of the devs could confirm that would be handy, as it might be something we’ll have to have a look into as well at our firm.

Utilising labels to serve specific functions like this can be a huge time saver though. For instance, I recently have done a Company Listing report for all our companies and am grouping all clients that have more than a certain number of entities into a collective group - makes looking for their entities much easier, especially when these companies might have different officers, etc.

For the purpose of singling out Minute vs Resolution entities, it might be worth the time to do the audit to find which belong in which category, and then BGL may be able to add the label in one batch process for you?

Just some thoughts at the close of the day :slight_smile:

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Hi Laneth,

I’ve had a bit of a play with the minutes / resolution settings. If I’ve got Minutes as the default setting for preparing solvency resolutions, it will still prepare that document as a Minute, even if there is only a sole officer. I can obviously change the default setting to resolution, but again, some of our companies do not permit circulated resolutions. Either way, I still have to swap them over to the appropriate document no matter which one I set as the default.

Cheers, Bianca

Hey Bianca,

I reckon you would need to talk to @Jeremy_H or @andytamBGL about CAS preparing the minute even where there is a sole officer - I had thought this was a trigger in the system to prepare a sole-officer resolution, but I could obviously be wrong.

I thought the system recognised and did the following:

  • If Minutes selected as default, check to ensure min 2 Officers appointed and prepare minute, else if sole officer (even sole Dir/Sec) prepare resolution

Could very well be wrong, but hopefully one of the guys will pop in this week and let you know :slight_smile: