Deed of Change of Name for a beneficial owner

What documents are required to be produced and signed when the beneficial owner of a shareholding changes it’s name? I see in CAS360 there is a change of beneficial owner, but technically the ownership is not changing, it is just the name. Is that considered the same thing? I know ASIC do not need any forms lodged, just wondering what would need to go into the company register. thank you.

Hi @Sharon1

I would handle this just by updating the name history for the trust at the contact level and at the trust level, there is the facility to record the previous names in both sections. That way you have updated the company’s online register of members which is all that’s required.

Hi Sharon,

I would prepare a minute or resolution recording the name change. This is a big help for anyone trying to track shareholder transactions. It may also be required by a financial institution at some point.


thanks for that, I have done this, and also did an official resolution stating what has happened so we have a record of it.

thanks for that, I have done this so we have an audit trail of what has happened.