Declaration of Trust

Why doesn’t CAS360 prepare a declaration of trust and Notice of Beneficial Ownership for Unit Transfers?

The Trust and Share systems are separate systems and the trust system in CAS tends to be developed more slowly than the share system, since share changes are reportable to ASIC. That’s my assumption at least, from prior experience.

A workaround from this might be to take the Declaration of Trust and Notice of Beneficial Ownership templates for shares and create a set for yourself to use and manually update in the meantime - then when preparing, you can click the upload button to put the manually prepared documents into the flow and order of docs you want to prepare. I’ve had to do this a little bit in the past.

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Hi @stephanie and @Laneth

Thanks for posting this. I’m happy to let you know that both the Declaration of Trust and the Notice of Beneficial Ownership documents will be added to CAS360 for unit trust transactions and available in the update released tomorrow 20/9.

Hope this helps



Hey Warren,

That’s excellent news, thanks for letting us know! Looking forward to peeking under the hood of the next update!