Date signing 484

Is this a way to leave the Date Signed on the first page of the Form 484 blank

Hi Glenys,

At this stage (as far as I am aware) the only way to leave the documents undated is to export the documents to Word via the Options button, to the right of each document before you either Download to PDF or send via Docusign:

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Hi @Glenys

Thank you for posting this.

At this stage you cannot prepare ‘undated documents’ in CAS360. The main reason for this is that the date is mandatory for the form to be lodged.

We do have plans to implement features for users to be able to prepare undated documents, with the date required before lodgement and not at the time of preparation.

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Hey @WarrenRenden,

You mean we might be able to prepare a document and have it sit in the queue for processing/lodgement, and have the opportunity to put in the date post-processing in order to lodge it?

That sounds pretty awesome!


That would be just so awesome.

Rhonda K

A mandatory Date Signed at time of lodgement, as opposed to a mandatory date signed at time of preparation of documents would be awesome.

I really dislike preparing documents with a Date Signed that never ends up being the Date Signed by an officeholder.

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Agreed here - it would be cool to be able to enter the date it was actually signed, so that records matched the dates featured on the signed documents.

In this way too, should copies of the signed document go missing for whatever reason - either the physical originals or scanned copies - at least the digital unsigned copy kept within the CAS system would feature the correct actual signing date and we wouldn’t be left wondering when exactly something was signed and won’t just default to the date prepared/entered when prepared.

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