Data collection and auto import into CAS360

Looking for good ideas! We have a mid tier practice with a specialist Corporate Admin team. How do staff provide the Corporate Admin team with all the necessary information required without putting it all in an email (probably missing some important bits) and it being rekeyed into the ASIC form in CAS360. Is there a basic form we could complete which can be imported? Looking for suggestions.

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Hi Susan, I’m a bit confused by your question, are you talking about new company registrations lodged through CAS360? We don’t lodge our registrations through CAS360, but we have our own “Order Form” we have created to capture all the information and to make sure nothing is missing. We have the client sign off on this form before submitting the application.

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I imagine that with whatever information you’re seeking to add in to CAS360, whether for a new incorporation as Anne mentioned or for changes to client details, having an external client details form that then auto-imports the data / changes in to CAS is not likely something on BGL’s immediate road map but might be something to consider in the future.
That being said, there are so very many variables to consider for what and why you’re collecting the data, that creating a single catch-all form would be labour intensive on their part and probably won’t be something they’ll be looking at creating soon. (If I’ve understood your query?)

Hi Anne
An “order form” is probably what I am thinking of - but it would cover other ASIC scenarios not just set up of new companies. Our client manager/accountant would obtain the necessary information from the client and then forward this to our Corporate Admin team for review and processing. Currently we do this by sending info by email and often the information is incomplete.

Hi Laneth
The other option is that there is a “draft” function in CAS360, so that the accountant/manager could enter the information directly into CAS360 before it is then reviewed and processed by our Corporate Admin team.

Hi Susan, we have a range of separate forms for different scenarios. In Word you can use the ‘Restrict Editing’ tool to create a form that has all the information locked down except for the fields to be completed. This makes it a lot easier for accountants to complete. If your accountants are used to just using email, another option would be to create some Signature templates in Outlook with the list of information you need and people can just select the appropriate template and type in the answers. You would need to set these up individually for each user though.

Hi Susan
I understand exactly what you are looking for as we are discussing the same alternatives internally. We currently use a word document for collection of information for new registrations that is then keyed into CAS. Ideally an electronic form that can feed information directly into CAS without keying in would be great. A final review in CAS before proceeding with ASIC form would be ideal. This would eliminate double handling, keying in errors and missing information.
Collecting client information, whether for new registrations or company changes via email is very inefficient.

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Hi Viola - absolutely agree. That is exactly what I would like to see. BGL is this something that could be considered for the CAS360 roadmap?