Create Entries, Commutation and Tax Payable

I am a simple trustee just trying to understand an aspect of processing a commutation and would appreciate any input.
We(wife and I) are suffering some ill health and the idea of commuting and transferring funds to an Industry Fund is being considered. I have run a Create Entries to check updated balances in a number of pension accounts and note that the"Tax Payable" all appears against a small (1% of overall funds) accumulation account.
Am I right in assuming that this occurs because I haven’t obtained/input Actuarlal percentages? (needed because of TSB being over the cap in previous and current year.) Can an actuarial report be obtained part way through a year with the SMSF still continuing ie only commuting some of the pension accounts or do we simply wait until we are winding up the fund or reach the end of this financial year to obtain a ECPI calculation? (At some point, and rarely on 30 June, a “wound up fund” will need these percentages.)
Thanks for any help or clarification.