Corporate Secretarial / CAS Network Meeting (Proposal)

Hi Folks,

As a way of maintaining an in-person network for CAS users and Corporate Secretarial staff, William Buck VIC are looking to start a quarterly informal meeting at our office, with the first projected date being 30th April 2019

Time of day to be discussed once we’ve ascertained interest.

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Unfortunately I’m a bit far away, otherwise I would be interested! :slight_smile:

I can discuss with our IT folk to see how viable having a skype connection in the meetings, and either way the minutes will be disseminated. :slight_smile:

I’m in Sydney and would be keen to participate

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If there are any other interested folk, please let me know here as I’m going to start setting up the structure and dates soon. :slight_smile:


Hi Laneth,

Just saw this and think it’s a wonderful idea! Is this still going ahead?

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Hey @StephanieE, it is indeed going ahead.

The date has, however, been changed to Thursday 9th May, from 1-2pm

If you want to send me a PM with your email I’ll be confirming at the start of may to get everything set up and ready for the group. :slight_smile:



I would like to attend this also. Please could you include me. Thank you

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Hi all,

This is going ahead next Thursday 9th May, 1-2pm - if anyone else would like to be added in to attend, please send me a message here with your email address and I’ll include you.


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