Corporate Actions - How to deal with the winding-up of a delisted unit trust (AGF.AX)

Would appreciate any advice on the following

This AMP unit trust has just made its final distribution on 6/9/2019 - payout of capital & income has been progressively made over the past year or so. Now they are nil value.
With the fund being previously delisted, I have been manually updating unit price in SF360 - last update now on 7/9/2019 at $0.0.

Next thing I’d like to do is get rid of the units shown on SF360, albeit at zero value.

Support call response received today suggested manual journal entry to dispose of this 0 value investment to 99900 “suspense account”. This approach doesn’t seem that elegant to me?

I was thinking a Corporate Action would be better, however none seem to be applicable/suitable - there is one called “return of capital”, but doesn’t seem suitable??

Or is there a more elegant way to dispose of these units, now that they are worthless??

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Hi Peter,

You can post a manual journal to dispose of the investment at 0 value and the other side of the entry is also to the same investment with no units.

For more details please see help article: Shares and other securities that become worthless or in liquidation – Simple Fund 360 Knowledge Centre


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Thanks - sorry for the late reply