Corporate Action: Terracom Consolidation

Hi, using the Corporate Action tab i am attempting to create the investment TERAX to confirm the 1 for 10 consolidation, however after creating the TERAX investment BGL does not recognize it, and asking me to input the investment.

Really don’t want to do this manually if anyone else has had the same issue?

Hi Matt,

Thank you for your query.

To help complete the corporate action, when available please follow the steps below to help add in the code “TERAK.AX” into the fund:

  1. In the Add New Investment Account section please click on the “Securities” drop down and then “Create New” button to add in a new security:


  1. Once this is done please enter the Security Code as “TERAK” and then select the Market Type as “ASX” before saving this new security:


This will create the code “TERAK.AX” in the background. The “.AX” suffix will be added automatically to the code.

  1. Then In the Add New Investment chart account window please search for “TERAK.AX” before saving the new investment:


This should then allow the code to be automatically selected when processing the corporate action again:


Please let me know if any further clarification is required.

Kind Regards,

Krishneil Mudaliar

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