Core logic valuations - Failed orders

We are having issues with using Core Logic for obtaining property vals. In particular, when we submit an order our order is regularly being rejected. However they still charge us. We then need to ask for a refund. In some instances an error message appears in the Core Logic order area stating we need to upgrade our subscription to receive info, however on other searches it has the same error but allows the order to go through. Has anyone experienced this? Does the subscription upgrade fix the problem? (note we are very careful to enter the correct property address when submitting the order).

i did have the issue with a few i did a month or so back. i contacted them and they resolved the issue. the reports were produced. it took about a week from the initial order.

After sitting on the phone with BGL and then Core Logic we have found that the issue may be that we using Core Logic Property Hub rather then RP Data. The two are actually different.
We are new to Simple Fund 360 (from Class) and assumed Property Hub was the appropriate log in as this is what appears in the system. However Core Logic advised Property Hub was more for loan brokers and we would need to email loan brokers to access valuations in some instances? They also indicated it was only for properties that were encumbered (loan reference number field needs completion)?? We are therefore in the process of registering with Core Logic RP Data, which is what Class Super uses - never had a problem. We’ll see how we go.

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