Contact Address Change feature request

Hey folks,

Just wondering if it might be advantageous to include “other address” options when doing a Contact Address change and checking the option to change Business Addresses that are the same? (see below)

Address Options

Specifically, I’d like to request at least adding the Postal and Meeting address options in when adding in a change of Business Address, as this would alleviate having to go manually into the company/ies afterwards and manually updating the postal address as needed, especially when processing an address change across numerous contacts/companies.

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I’ve also just noticed that when an address is in use for a business name it is not reflected on the address usage report. Requested this be amended last week.

Just thought I’d mention it here, as I’m sure many people wouldn’t have realised this and consequently their clients’ business name info is out of date.

Hi @Laneth

Thanks for posting this, we have added this process when preparing a ‘Business Address’ Change through the Multi Company screen.

I will add this to the development list so it can be prepared from the ‘Contact Address’ Change.

Hi @ewiltshire

We’re working on this and this will hopefully be fixed in tomorrows update. Thanks for sending this through :slight_smile:


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