Compilation Report

Is there a way we can get the Compilation report to sign off with the Individual Accountant name and the Firm Name?

Hi Leonie,

To help achieve the desired result for the Individual accountant showing on the compilation report a workaround is to also add the individual accountant desired into the Accountant section of the fund relationships box for example:


We will wishlist an option to have the variable pick up the representatives attached automatically to avoid this work around.

To have the firm name show on the compilation report, the report template can be edited in a custom badge and the two variables below added to the report:

«${FundContactFirstname}» «${FundContactSurname}»

Please note this scenario will work if your firm has been added as the fund contact in the fund relationships screen of the fund. We will also wishlist to have a new variable available to pick up the firm name automatically.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused by this issue.


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