Company report from within the company selection

Hi, is it possible to download a company report from within the company details section in CAS360 or can it only be done from the reports tab?

Hi Melissa
You can also obtain a company report from the main screen under ‘options’ on the right hand side.

You can also obtain a Register of Officeholders and Register of Members from the ‘Officers’ and ‘Shareholders’ tabs from within a company under options - top right hand side.

Hope that helps.


Hey @MelissaI - That is correct, currently.
It has been on the request / wishlist for at least 2 years now that I recall, as I remember requesting this in a meeting back in early 2019.

I suggested having a button added to either the General Details page, or as a button after “Documents” in the always-visible floating header / navigation menu.

Hope it comes through soon :slight_smile: