Company Registrations - Recorded Webinar

Hi All,

On 23/5 we ran a public webinar on Company Registrations in CAS360

Items covered in the session

  • Purchasing your Digital Certificate
  • Preparing the RA04
  • Registering Digital Certificate with ASIC (RA04)
  • Editing the Company Constitution template
  • Company Registration screen
  • Adding Company Data for the new registration
  • Preparing Pre-Incorp documents
  • Lodging the ASIC form 201
  • Preparing Post-Incorp documents
  • Purchasing a constitution from our integration partners
  • Document Tracking
  • Q & A will be posted shortly

As always any questions please feel free to post them here



How Is the RA04 Direct Debit Request lodged?

The RA04 Direct Debit Request form will be a paper lodgement with no applicable fees. For instructions on how to prepare this form please refer to the ASIC website.

Do Companies need a constitution?

Not all companies need constitutions. Some Companies opt to use Replaceable rules.

Please refer to the ASIC website for information about which companies need a constitution: Constitution and replaceable rules | ASIC - Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Can a person’s information such as an address be suppressed?

If address is suppressed, the approved alternative address must be entered.

When we have integration with Xero do any changes such as a members DOB get pushed back into CAS360 AND Xero?

Yes, the peoples database will be automatically synced between CAS 360 and XERO.

Can we issue shares for shareholders for a value more than $1?

Yes, you can create share types with different amounts paid/unpaid.

How do we create the digital password?

The Digital Password is created when you prepare and lodge the RA53

Is it possible to change the password that is used for the lodgement?

Yes the password can be changed, you can relodge the RA53 to reset the password

Is there an extra fee for CAS 360 to register the company?

There are no extra costs to access the registration screen in CAS 360.

To lodge you will need a Digital certificate (which you will need to renew every 2 years) and the ASIC registration Fee.

Additionally, once you have lodged a 201 and it has been accepted it will count towards your company count.

Would that direct debit feature affect the annual statements?

The direct debit will only apply to any lodgement fees for documents such as 201, 205, 410 and 6010 these are the only document ASIC support direct debit for.

Can you please show where to purchase the digital certificate?

Please refer to the following article:

What is the ASIC fee for lodging a form 201?

check out ASICS website for details on fees when lodging a 201

Can the 201 be reviewed before lodgement?

Yes, you can use the Document Review feature.

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