Company Registrations are now LIVE in CAS360

Company Registrations are now LIVE in CAS360

We are delighted to announce that all CAS360 firms can now register companies with ASIC directly in CAS360.

CAS360 Version 32 includes

  • All new Company Registrations screen
  • Support for ASIC Form 201, pre-incorp documents & post-incorp documents
  • Support for electronic lodgement of ASIC Form 201
  • Receiving the Company Registration Advice and the ASIC Certification of Registration
  • Added support for lodgement of ASIC Form RA53 to authorise digital certificates for Electronic Company Registrations

In order to start registering companies in CAS360 agents must first go through the following process:

  1. Ensure your firm has a valid digital certificate (the .pfx digital certificate file that were authorised with ASIC previously using CAS Desktop is supported)
    Firms can purchase a certificate - information can be found here.
  2. Once the firm has the certificate, then prepare and lodge the form RA53
  3. Receive the certificate approve back from ASIC
  4. Create new Company Registration and prepare documents
  5. Lodge documents from Company Registrations screen
  6. Receive company registration certificate from ASIC, with ACN, and prepare post incorp documents.

Help files can be found below

Purchase Certificate - How to obtain a digital certificate from Symantec - CAS 360 Knowledge Base

Register Certificate -

Register Company in CAS360 -



Hi, Do you have a timeframe on when company constitution will be available for purchase and do you have a cost?
Thank you.


Hi @KSwaab

The Purchase Company Constitutions in the Company Registrations screen will show a list of all document providers that have built an integration with us.

At this stage we have integrations with Topdocs, Cleardocs, ACIS and SmarterSMSF. We are also in discussions with other providers. Our goal is to make this an open platform allowing a large selection of providers and allowing users to choose who they want to use.

As for price, we have no control over this :slight_smile: each provider will be able to price their product as they see fit.

We are anticipating releasing this feature in Q3 2018



Hi @WarrenRenden,

By “releasing this feature in Q3 2018”, do you mean that the incorp process within CAS360 currently doesn’t have the option to purchase the Constitution document through CAS360, meaning we’d then need to go to our chosen provider as a separate step?

Hi @Laneth

Currently you cannot purchase the constitution directly within CAS360. This is something we will add in Q3. You can of course contact a document provider and purchase a constitution from them.

If your firm has their own constitution (maybe you have an agreement with a law firm or something similar) You can add this text to the constitution template in CAS360, and this will be prepared as part of the Post-Incorp Documents. We also have merge fields to automate company data.

Companies can also choose to operate under the replaceable rules.

Hope this helps


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