Company Labels - User Access

Just wondering if its a feature to have different users only able to access certain Labels?

We have different teams and would like those teams to only have access to their clients which we have grouped into labels.

If not is this something that could be done ?

Client or user-specific access - with company lists attached to that user/client - is something that has been requested to BGL and is on the wishlist.

It would be quite handy for firms that handle company listings for several different agents, or for those who want to provide access to CAS to their larger or more active clients who like to see their own data.

Hopefully we’ll see some movement on this later in the year :slight_smile:

Hi @Laneth and @Ashfords

Currently in CAS360 we do not have the ability to filter user access by Label.

We do hope to make some significant improvements to user access later in 2020. This will include Label access, and greater flexibility with user roles.


Hey Warren,

Would there be a possibility of assigning specific companies to users along a similar line to “representatives” or “relationships” in the contacts area, rather than relying on Labels?

While the form and function of labels is understood to have the potential to be powerful, without it being a central and mandated function within CAS one can only imagine that users will make sporadic and vastly different use of it?

Unless, when you roll those changes out, specific training video / materials are provided to help guide users to an efficient use of the Labels infrastructure?



Hi @Laneth

This is still all in planning phase, however you will be able to add company by company access to a user.

The add by label would just be a way to add a group of companies rather than one-by-one.

Good feedback about the relationship in company contacts, we can look to add this as another way to select a group of companies.


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Hey @WarrenRenden,

Yeah, the whole “relationships” thing was a quick thought I had to centralise the ability to attach company lists to singular (external client?) users - perhaps even working in tandem with the Labels system.

I’ve got some notes and have some ideas on how this could be integrated from a user perspective, and would be happy to catch up with you and brainstorm if you like.

Kind regards,