Company Extracts

Hello does anyone know if you can pull a company extract from CAS360? Or a full summary of a company?

Hey Bree

Check out the Company Report from the Reports Screen. This report can be customised to meet your requirements.
For more details refer to the help:

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It would be great if there was an option to print the ASIC data download (RA71) in a format that could be passed to clients, banks etc. Clients are constantly asking us for ASIC Extracts and we have to purchase the $9 report from the ASIC website because the CAS360 ‘Company Report’ is not “official” enough. It’s frustrating that we have access to free information from ASIC but we can’t print this in a suitable format to provide to to clients.

Hi Anne you should be able to get the ASIC Company Extract straight from the ASIC website if you are the registered agents without paying for the $9.


Oh really?! How do you do that, Bree?

Hey Ann,

As an ASIC Registered Agent, you should be able to login here: Registered agent portal

Once in there, on the left side, you’ll see this menu, with the option you want circled: ASIC Agent Portal Menu

From there, you’ll be able to enter the ACN of the company on your listing and then ‘print to PDF’ a copy of that extract. This is also where you can check the current balance of a company, which is not really necessary anymore, now that CAS360 does that daily for us.

I always explain to the client that this is an extract from the ASIC Agent Portal and only we have access to this data as Agents, but if the person requesting the data needs a ‘paid search’ that’s their choice but isn’t really needed.


Thanks Laneth, it’s not working for me because I don’t have a log in. In the past I tried registering and it said if we used Edge software we shouldn’t register for Edge access on the ASIC website… but that was quite a few years ago. I’m assuming if you are using both it’s not an issue, so seems I should sign up for access. What have I been missing out on?!? :astonished:

Hi @Anne.Wright,

I am not sure of the process of getting the Agent Portal set up personally. I’ve replied to your email too, btw.

As for what you’re missing? There’s a bunch of things I do with the ASIC Agent Portal that I can’t / don’t do in CAS/CAS360. Back-dating a 484 beyond the 6 month limit in CAS, processing our name changes and deregistrations (at the moment - we’re looking at getting an ASIC debit account to properly make use of CAS360 lodgements for these), grabbing those ASIC extracts of company info since they show the ASIC logo on them and look more ‘official’ than a company report sometimes.

It’s worth having in my opinion, if for nothing other than having a backup access to lodgements of forms or access to your client information.

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Thanks very much @Laneth. Appreciate your thorough response, as always! :slightly_smiling_face:

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No worries Anne, happy to help. :slight_smile:

Hey @Laneth

Just in regards to the ASIC company extract, If you are the registered agent for the company, you can get this extract from within CAS360.

To get this on the Companies screen -> Agent Forms -> RA71


Thanks for this tip @WarrenRenden It should have been obvious but I never thought about using that option in place of an extract!