Company Deregistration documents

I’m trying to find information on documents required to deregister a company.
The deregistration docs produced in CAS360 are Form 6010, Directors Resolution and Members consent.
Special resolutions are needed for certain changes as defined in the Corporations Act. Decisions like changing a company’s name, winding up the company, or changing the company’s type will require a special resolution.
What documents do you use when deregistering a company?

We use:

  1. a Directors Resolution with the directors making the declaration that all conditions in S601AA(2) are met (preferably a written resolution signed by all directors);
  2. the Corps Act doesn’t say that a deregistration requires a special resolution. It says that all members must ‘agree’ to the voluntary deregistration. How you obtain that agreement is open to interpretation. CAS simply has a Consent Document that requires all members to sign. Alternatively, you could obtain the agreement via a Members Written Resolution signed by all members or even call a general meeting with all members present and voting in favour. Without clear requirements stipulated in the Corp Act, I think (my opinion only) either way is acceptable (provided ALL members agree/consent/approve);
  3. Form 6010 signed by a director.

We have a detailed due diligence checklist that we follow before deregistering a company to make sure the company is ready for deregistration.


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Thanks very much Viola. I appreciate the prompt response.