Company (Contact) vs Company (Company)


In desktop CAS, when we went to deregister a company, if it was a shareholder in another company in our system it would flag that this needed to be addressed prior to deregistration.

In CAS360, shareholder companies are recorded as Company (Contacts) and are different to a “Company” that we pay the annual fee to have in our CAS records. As far as I can tell, the system treats them as separate database entries with no relationship to another. Is there a way that these can be linked? I’m sure that there would be other instances where this would be useful outside of deregistrations.

Cheers, Bianca

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Hi @BiancaT

Thank you for you post

You can link a Company (company) to a Contact Company at any time through the contacts screen.


Hope this helps


This is perfect, thank you!

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Hi, It would be good if we could add the link to a company when creating a new contact from within the shareholder tabs like below. Currently we have to go back to the contacts screen to add the link after the fact which creates an additional step.


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Agreed Melissa! Having the consistency across these creation windows would be awesome.

Understand from a development point-of-view that making the addition straight from the Contacts area makes for a more direct and extensive addition of details, but one would imagine having the same fields / access to adding new contacts within the other areas where needed would be advantageous :slight_smile: