Company Comments

I would love to see the ability to add Comments to the company list, something similar to Labels, but I want to add client-specific comments rather than adding to my list of Labels.

I’m trying to get rid of my Excel spreadsheet that I use for processing annual reviews. Comments is the last thing I need to find an alternative for!

For example, I have things like, Send by post to John or Change salutation from Suzanne to Suzy on email or Send invoices directly to Wendy or Don’t bill this client or Speak to Frank before sending. I don’t want to create a huge list of random Labels, but I need this information to be easily accessible when I’m processing the reviews.

How do others keep track of this kind of information?

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At the moment, we’re using the labels system for this, but as you’ve made note and (rightfully) avoided until now it just becomes ugly and unwieldy to have too many notes for an individual client (we have six notes on a client group that has about 25 companies…)

I was at the usergroup meeting a couple of weeks ago and it was mentioned and requested again to have the “Comments” feature (available in Documents) added to not only the home page company lookup screen, but also the annual reviews screen.

We’ve been told before that you can add notes to a company, but the only place this shows is if you do a company report - not exactly useful or efficient as an “at a glance” kind of comment.

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Thanks @Laneth. Good to hear that others are requesting the same features! :slight_smile:

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I am also hanging out for this feature so I can trash the old excel spreadsheet!