Combining Multiple Pension Accounts

For the 30 June 2019 year I have 3 small Pension Accounts and by using the “Internal Transfer/Commutation” and moving the Pension accounts back to the Accumulation each of the pension accounts still receives a Profit or Loss % allocation leaving me still with a very small balance in the old Pension Accounts.
What am I doing wrong? How do I avoid this small remaining balance?
I have processed the Internal Transfer date as 1st July 2018? Does it have something to do with the “Create Entries Date” or am I using the incorrect transfer Date?

I have a couple of very small closing balance amounts in Pension Phase, both less than $50. How do I balance these to 0 rather than continually carrying forward such small amounts?
Each time I attempt to do so the “Net Earnings” adjust to still leave a small amount of balance, less than $ carrying forward.

Hi @Geoff,

Thank you for your post on our BGL Community.

This issue is likely to be due to the Daily Profit and Loss allocations that are automatically generated by Simple Fund 360.

You can refer to the below Help Article for further assistance with removing this amounts:
Daily Profit/(Loss) Allocations appearing for Ceased Member Accounts

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much once again for your assistance Damien.
I thought it was related to the Profit and Loss system allocations but had no clue as how to correct.
Once I located and Deleted the System Journals created after the Members cease date everything resolved.
Just a thought but could the BGL team for future consider an easier/simpler “prompt or query” question regarding allocation of profit or Loss in these situations?
I assume this situation arises quite regularly. I will certainly come across it again in future.
Again, many thanks.

Not a problem, @Geoff - More than happy to help!

I’ll definitely ensure that your feedback is passed onto our Simple Fund 360 Product Teams for review and added to our wishlist.