Collating Annual Reviews/Documents for Companies in a group

It would be really great if you could collate the Annual Reviews of multiple companies into one signing package that are within the same client group so that you don’t have to send out the documents one company at a time to the same person. It would be great to only have one cover letter for the group too instead of each individual company.

It would be great to also be able to do this with document reminders and debt reminders as well. As some clients receive 5 deb reminders at once for multiple companies.



I do that already. In CAS360. I choose Download of the Annual Returns rather than choosing Send, then I go directly to DocuSign and create a New envelope and load all the .pdf sets (downloaded) of documents into one envelope and copy and paste the letter that I would be sending and edit accordingly then just go in and tag the signing places then send it out using the one envelope. It is better because whilst you are in there placing tags for signing you can also put ‘notes’ in there to remind them to pay ASIC invoice as so many people overlook it.

Rhonda Kennedy

Hi Rhonda,

That sounds great, we currently use SuiteFiles for signing so I need to collate all the Annual Reviews into one document for signing at the moment. This is something we are looking in to.

It would be great to be able to send out one email as a reminder for all companies for a client too instead of the individual emails.

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Similar here, but it is very time consuming… I’d much prefer an auto version.

I love this idea so much, it would assist in reducing time spent checking for and collating the reviews that have already been issued.
Some of our clients have multiple companies and align them, other have 2 or more companies due within the same week. Hence an auto version of grouping them in the same email would be wonderful.