Closing member account Section G Annual Return

I am winding up a fund and have paid out all remaining funds to members’s as a final pension however when preparing the annual return the option to choose ‘CLOSED’ as members’ account status is not available. Normally a drop down box appears in Section G but this is not happening. Do I have to pay out the final balance as a lump sum instead of a pension? Anyone else having this issue. Having said that it appears to have worked on some other funds I have prepared so it is not a software issue. 100% sure it is a user issue!

Hi @Lesley hope this is sorted already, however just in case it hasn’t been, we worked out that you need to make sure the member account close date is entered in the member screen before creating entries for the member’s account to be shown as closed in the tax return. Otherwise the member details appear in the usual member section and you have to manually remove them and enter them into section G.

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Thank you so much Christine, that has now worked and I am glad it was a logical answer.

Many thanks, Lesley

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