Change to CAS360 Correspondence Delivery

I am wondering if anyone else has noticed and has taken issue with the change to correspondence to clients sent from CAS360, changed as of this Monday 29th Oct just gone?

I believe this specifically relates to DocuSign documents (docs or annual reviews) being sent to clients.

Until now at our firm, we have been sending correspondence to our client and CCing in the Director and client manager, and collecting a BCC copy to our corp sec email.

Recipients would receive the email and see the others that were CCd in, as per standard email formatting.

Now, however, each individual person is receiving a separate email with no CCs - as if we have only sent the email to them. We’ve had a number of concerned queries from our Directors and Managers as to why they received the email and if the email was even sent to the client - it has caused us quite a headache.

Just checking to see if anyone else has noticed and brought it up?

Kind regards,

EDIT - I’ve just been informed also that the people that are CCd in are receiving copies of the “Documents Completed” emails for every email they were included in. This is a major issue, especially as it was changed without consultation or announcement.

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Agree on both points, Laneth.

I always CC partner and manager, partly so they can see who I sent the email to! If they can’t see that information it’s a problem.

Also agree that they don’t want to see copies of documents completed.

Hi Laneth & Anne,

Thank you for your post.

Just to clarify this change only applies to DocuSign documents. All other document processes remain the same.

On 25th Oct we released a change to the DocuSign process for CC’d and BCC’d recipients. We had to make this change as CC’d and BCC’d recipients on DocuSign emails were actually able to sign the documents.

This was something that we needed to resolve in-order to protect the security of the document.

The reason why the email does not show the recipient and all CC’d contacts is because now in the current release CC’d and BCC’d email addresses on DocuSign documents no longer receive the same email as the signer. This is how DocuSign have implemented their “View-Only” feature.

The CC’d and BCC’d recipients receive a ‘View-Only’ email. We do not have the option of sending the same email (as we can’t send the signing link). In the “View-Only” the document can be viewed, however not signed.

We also removed an email-duplication that was happening per recipient for all CC’d/BCC’d clients. Now you can clearly see in the outbox who has received the email.

As DocuSign is a 3rd party we don’t have complete control over the feature set provided. Currently DocuSign do not support notifications back to CAS360 for CC’d and BCC’d. This is why you are receiving confirmation emails from DocuSign (and not CAS360).

If you do not wish to receive completed DocuSign emails, this is something that may be configured in DocuSign email settings. Unfortunately at this stage, we do not have the ability to control this from an API.

Hope this helps explain the change.


Thanks for the detailed response, Warren. The ability of CC’d and BCC’d recipients to sign the documents was a real problem from my perspective. So if this is the resolution, I guess we just have to live with it! :slight_smile:

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Hi @WarrenRenden et al,

As this is posing such a problem, I wonder if there couldn’t be a potential alternative that we could develop as part of the email templates for DocuSign.

Perhaps having a code hook the likes of ${recipients} to output a group or list of email recipients entered in the TO/CC fields (but not BCC)?

In this way, we could include an “Office Use Only” section at the footer of the email for our Directors/Managers to be able to see and verify if their client’s email is indeed correct.

Seems like it’s either going to be this, or stop using DocuSign altogether, unless we need to add several more steps to the process.


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Hi @Laneth

Thanks for sending this suggestion through, we are currently investigating a number of ways that we can add features to the process to identify the Signing recipients to the CC’d and BCC’d recipients

Will keep you updated on this



Hi @Laneth

In CAS360 version 42 we have added

  • New email merge fields for showing email recipients - You can now choose to show Recipients, CC Recipients and BCC Recipients in email templates

Please try this out let me know what you think


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Morning @WarrenRenden,

Given I only work Tues/Thurs, I must apologise for my tardy response - I only just saw this now. (Gonna check my notification settings after posting this reply…)

This is excellent news! I’m going to look into this today. I do note, however, that there is nothing as yet added to the CAS 360 Dictionary for this? Where would I find the merge fields?


Hello @Laneth!

These are the merge fields that you can add to your email templates:


They will be added to the CAS360 Dictionary soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


Love your work @andytamBGL, thanks for that!