Ceasing a client with your practice

When a client has ceased their relationship with you.
Is there any other forms do you need to complete?
I have Form 362 and 361 that I can see, however, I want to make sure that no correspondence come to us. Is there any other steps I need to do?

If the no longer client was using your address as their Registered Office Address, you can always complete an “Online Enquiry” form with ASIC to withdraw your consent for the company to use your address.

ASIC has advised me to do this, you must provide:
Send them an online enquiry including the following information:
• the name and ACN of the company
• your registered agent name and number
• the address that you’re removing consent from
• your contact details

There are no “forms” per se, but this can help put the onus on the client or their new Registered Agent to update the address.