CC email recipients

Hi, I’ve noticed that recipients that are receiving emails as a CC (such as billing contacts) are being addressed by their full names despite the email template being set up to only include client’s first name. I have tested this with an internal company & the directors are addressed by their first name only however the cc billing contact is addressed by their full name.

Is there a separate template that I am missing? I have gone through all templates and cannot find where this may be picking it up from.


Hi Melissa - there is no way to fix this that I know of, I reported it as an issue a while ago. @WarrenRenden is this going to be fixed in the next update?


Thanks @ewiltshire and @MelissaI for posting.

At this stage, there is no way to change this.

It’s not a simple fix from our end, however I will prioritise it so that we can get it resolved soon.