CAS360 Version 52 - New Features

CAS360 Version 52 Release notes

New Features

Core (All Jurisdictions)

  • Beneficial Owner Hover - New Beneficial Owner hover UI showing much more information.
  • Officers Hover - New Officers hover UI showing much more information about the company officer.
  • Modern or Classic - You can now select to use the Modern or Classic email template as the starting point when creating your firm’s email templates.
  • Shareholders screen performance - Improvements to the loading of the data in the company shareholders screen which is now 5 times faster.
  • Current Companies - The ‘Show Current Companies Only’ filter toggle will now be saved for each user.
  • Last Reminder Sent - The last reminder link will now take the user directly to the email message that was sent.
  • Premium on Shares hover - Improved the existing share type hover to now show Premium information
  • All Representatives must sign resolutions - When a joint-member holds share users can now elect to have all joint member representatives sign the resolution.
  • Officers of non-AU or NZ Companies - Enhancements made to add more officer positions for non-AU or NZ Companies.
  • Country Search on Reports - Added the ability to search the country in the Address Usage Report
  • Address Search Results - When searching for an address, CAS360 will now show the top 50 results.


  • Added Nominee on Deregistrations - When completing a Company Deregistration users can now add a nominee and have this appear on the form and ASIC lodgement file.
  • Deregistration Invoice - When completing a Company Deregistration CAS360 will now also prepare an invoice that can be sent as part of the pack.
  • Comparison Report improvements - We will now ignore the Registered Address Date of change if it is within 60 days of the correct date.
  • Form 492/902 minute/resolution - CAS360 will now prepare a minute or resolution as part of form 492 / 902 document pack.
  • Country Suggestions - Added a new ‘Suggestions’ dropdown when selecting a country for an address or place of birth.
  • Validation of ACN for Holding Company - When added a holding company as part of the company registration CAS360 will now validate the ACN of this company.
  • Debt Listing report improvements - Added enhancements to the debt listing report including showing all companies regardless of company status.
  • Foreign Company Alerts - Foreign companies will no longer receive the ASIC Annual Review alert.
  • Registration Certificate - Improved the process of receiving the company registration certificate
  • Lodgement performance - Improved the performance of lodgement with ASIC from the CAS360 side. We can’t change the ASIC side though…

New Zealand

  • Health Check - Every morning CAS360 will check the Companies Office database and check to see if there have been any changes, and notify you.
  • Multiple active addresses - CAS360 now supports multiple active addresses for the same address type.
  • Company Report - Added more details to the New Zealand company report
  • Comparison Report - Added more information to the comparison report including the Holding Company information.
  • Company Alerts - Improvements to the Company Alerts filters to easily show Annual Returns that have not been filed.
  • Connection Notification - CAS360 will show users a message when the connection with the NZ Companies Office is Unavailable.
  • Annual Return Email template - NZ email templates now have a Default tag that identifies which template will always be used.
  • Beneficial Owner - Added validation to beneficial owner share transactions.
  • Refresh Company details is now disabled when there is no NZBN
  • If there is only one authorised account, this will automatically be attached by default.

The update also includes 13 client reported issues that have been resolved.